French Hair / by rubi

I'm doing a French immersion program this week where I will be living with a host family in the Pyrenees and attending school for 8 hours a day. I felt it was only fitting to do a post on French hair since I will be diving into French culture today.

One of my favorite beauty icons of all time is the gorgeous French actress Anna Karina, and I especially love her in the film Pierrot Le Fou. Above are some shots from the film itself. Her hair is that perfect kind of dirty in the first photo and I love her curls and hair color in the others. Everytime I see that 60's eyeliner I end up doing it the next day on myself too. I use Artliner by Lancome but if anybody has a favorite liquid eyeliner, do share!

Now, off to eat some quiche while learning how to say ponytail in French!

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