How to Trim Your Bangs / by rubi

One of my biggest pet peeves as a hairstylist is when my clients trim their own bangs. It can seriously ruin a great haircut and take months for it to grow back to normal. Clients usually end up with botched up baby bangs or a bang section that goes too far back or too far to the sides. Remember, your bangs are cut specifically for your face shape and if you mess that up then you'll be stuck with it for weeks until they grow out. Not worth it.

So, how should you trim your own bangs? Easy, you DON'T.

Your hairstylist most likely offers free bang trims between haircuts (I always have). Since they take 5 minutes to do, you can usually be squeezed into their schedule no matter what day you want to come in. We all know the feeling when you suddenly NEED to cut your bangs right that instant, but please just put down the scotch tape and craft scissors and call your hairstylist for a bang trim instead.

Enough, ranting. Let's laugh at that old scotch tape ad instead. via tumblr

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