Perfectly Dirty Hair :: Part 3 / by rubi

Sachajuan Ocean Mist:

I love beach hair and I feel like I've tried every salt water spray to recreate it, this is by far my favorite. It never gets white or flaky and a little truly goes a long way. I also love when a product can be used more than one way and this is definitely one of those.

Below are ways you can use Ocean Mist:
  1. Spray it on roots before blow drying to add body.
  2. Light mist on ends after a blow out for a bit of texture.
  3. Instead of hairspray on buns, braids or other styles for hold and texture.
  4. All over on dry hair to encourage curls or waves on limp hair.
  5. Roughly blow dried into hair from roots to ends before braiding or styling to make fine hair bigger and style last longer. (favorite!)
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graphics designed by becca clason