Tutorial :: Holiday Bun / by rubi

Happy Holidays! I've put together another quick and easy holiday hair tutorial. I love doing my hair in buns and this is a simple way of changing the classic look. Happy holiday partying!

1. Flip your head over and rake your fingers through your hair to make it all go towards the top of your head, leaving out a bang section.

2. Once all your hair is smoothly going up, tightly gather it in a fist at the top of your head.

3. Secure it with an elastic.

4. Split your pony tail in three sections. If your hair is fine you can lightly backcomb each section to make it bigger.

5. Hold one section up by the ends and then bring it down so it sits on your head. It will naturally fold onto itself.

6. Pin at the folds.

7. Repeat with the other two sections making sure to hide your hair pins and bobby pins.

8. Pin your bangs back so they connect to your bun and everything flows together.

photography by lauren cooper

graphics designed by becca clason