Cut It? :: Rubi (me!) / by rubi

I'm going to get my hair done at my old salon (Whittemore House) in a couple of weeks - I can't wait! I feel really lucky to have found a hairstylist and colorist that I trust so I always wait until I get back to NY for a cut and color. I'll be seeing my favorite colorist Charlie who will fix this rooty situation I've got going on. I usually give her a couple of guidelines and then let her do what she wants.

I'm not quite sure what to do about my cut though. I've been growing out my hair for over 3 years now. I am keeping it long but can't decide whether I should cut bangs like the photo above or keep growing out all my layers and bangs like the photo below. Thoughts?

images: 1) Uschi Obermaier via Astronomy Domine 2) Daphne Groeneveld photographed by Pablo Delfos for

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