Spending Time on Your Hair / by rubi

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One of the first questions I ask my clients when they sit in my chair for a haircut is, "How much time do you spend on your hair in the morning?" Most people sheepishly answer that they spend less than 5 minutes on it. I think they assume everyone else but themselves spends hours on their hair, but that's definitely not the case - I'm shocked when someone says they actually blow dry their hair with a brush! I'm in between the two, but leaning toward the less-than-5-minutes group.

I am however drawn to everyday hairstyles that involve prep time like the photo above. Hairstyles my grandmother used to wear that meant setting hair in curlers and sitting under a hood dryer, or sleeping with a hairnet over a pin curl set. I style hair in a similar way for my editorial work, and don't see why everyone can't wear their hair like models do. I am currently working on tutorials for the blog that involve sets, but simplifying them for the everyday. I'm really quite excited about it!

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