Crown Braid and Rag Curls Video Tutorial / by rubi

I'm so excited to finally share this video tutorial that I shot with Tiger In a Jar. I feel like it's my little baby! They are a such a talented couple and such a pleasure to work with,. I hope you all do your hair in Rag Curls and Tresse Couronnes (Crown Braids) this weekend!

Thanks Moey and Tiger In a Jar!

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Tresse Couronne - Crown Braid

Here's what you need:
- Dry shampoo
- Small elastic
- Bobby pins and/or hair pins (that match your hair color)

1. Spray dry shampoo all over your hair to give it grit and texture. Start with a deep side part and take a small "pie" section from the center of the top of your head to your hairline above the arch of one of your eyebrows.

2. Split that "pie" section into three even sections to start your braid. Take the small braid section closest to the top of your head and make it the new middle section by going under the one right next to it. Now take the section closest to your front hairline and put it underneath the one next to it to make it the middle section! Remember that you're always going under, under, under.

3. Now you are going to add hair to it like a  French braid. Take another "pie" section starting at the same point at the top of your head and part all the way to your hairline (make sure it's thin!) then add that whole section to the little braid section closest to the top of your head.

4. Take that section which now has more hair in it and keep braiding by going under the one next to it to make it the new middle section. Then take your section closest to your hairline (you won't need to add more hair to it because you already added it to the other side) and go under to make it the new middle section.

5. Repeat Steps 3 & 4 consecutively taking "pie" sections all the way around your head until you're right back where you started and then finish off your braid. Secure it with a small elastic and pin away!

*Tips: Using a bit of lotion on your hands as your braiding will help any layers you have blend together.

Rag Curls

Here's what you need
- 5 strips of fabric about 2"x 8" (I tore up an old sheet)
- Salt water spray
- Hair spray
- Blow dryer

1. Split your hair in 5 "pie" sections from the center of the top of your head to your hair line. Two will be all the hair in front of your ears and split all the hair on the back of your head into three.

2. Lightly spray each section with salt water spray and hair spray from roots to ends.

3. Wrap each section around a rag and tie it off. I prefer to wrap them with the rag being horizontal to the hair like in the video. Whichever way you choose, just make sure you do it at around the same level of your head and the same way throughout your whole head.

4. Blow dry each section while lightly holding it so the curls don't fall apart (this should only take about 5 minutes) and then allow them to cool for 1 or 2 minutes.

5. Take the rags down and shake your curls around!