New Hair Studio / by rubi

I am a freelance hairstylist which means I'm kind of like a traveling salesman with no office. I do hair wherever my job is, - a studio, a field of horses, a fashion show venue or someone's home. My schedule doesn't allow me to work in a salon full-time but I still love doing clients' hair in a salon setting. I have a lot of clients who come to my apartment for haircuts, so when I moved to a new apartment, I made it a priority to create a little area specific for my "at home studio".

It's still a work in progress, but last week Stanton and I put up this wall of flowers surrounding my hair mirror. By "we" I mean, I cut them, told him what to do, and he put them up. He's the best. I was inspired by Pia Jane Bijkerk's flower wall in her Amsterdam house boat and the silk and plastic floral wallpaper in the Tensta Konsthall Front (via Black Eiffel).

You know how when you get your hair cut, your hair is wet and you're wearing a cape? So you're basically a wet floating head? Nobody really likes to stare at themselves as a wet floating head for a whole haircut appointment, so now my clients can stare at these flowers instead.