My favorite hair brush / by rubi

If you only want to own one hair brush in your life then it needs to be a Mason Pearson. My favorite Mason Pearson brush is the "Junior" size with nylon and boar bristles. It's just the right size for most hair lengths. I also own the "Pocket" size, for shorter hair (above the jaw). I use them for everything – detangling, blow drying, back-combing, etc.

Here’s why a Mason Pearson natural bristle and nylon hairbrush is the only brush you'll ever need:

1. The combination of nylon and natural bristles is perfect for giving hair a smooth and shiny "flat-iron" finish without the lifeless look flat irons give.

2. The perfect length of the bristles. The length of the bristles is really important in a hair brush – if they’re too short, the brush won’t glide easily through the hair, which will give you a dull and frizzy blow dry.

3. The perfect amount of bristles. This gives you just the right amount of tension so you don't tug on your hair too much. Tugging on the hair will make it lose its elasticity and lay completely flat (not in a good way).

4. The spacing between the bristles. This also helps you get the right tension (see above).

5. A slight curve on the bristle part of the brush. All Mason Pearsons have this – it's perfect for giving your roots volume and creating a slight bend at the ends.

6. The size of the handle. The brush handle on Masons is thin enough to hold comfortably in your hand and to lay flat against your forehead when blow-drying bangs.

7. Durability. I know people who have had a Mason Pearson brush since they were children and still use it as adults. I've used mine on countless heads of hair and it's just as good as day one.

A Mason Pearson is definitely pricy, and there are a lot of knockoffs out there (especially in Europe), but having tried a lot of them I can honestly say they don't compare. Save up for one, or ask for one for a birthday or Christmas gift. When I bought my first Mason, I figured that if I was going to spend that much money on a hairbrush then I might as well get it in baby pink right? You should too.

Also, here's my favorite round brush and I buy my favorite brushes and tools at this store in NYC and most pharmacies in Paris carry them in every color.

Full disclosure: Mason Pearson is not paying for this, I really like their brushes that much!

graphics designed by Becca Clason