Tutorial :: Side Twist Chignon / by rubi

Naming all the Wanderlust hairstyles was such a trip. Side Twist Chignon "le Chignon Décalé"? Well, it's basically what it sounds like, a chignon that's twisted to one side. It looks best with a deep side part, slightly covering one eye with a few flyaways here and there. Below is a full tutorial with another short video of the workshop.

Here is what you need:
- hair spray (we used Rusk W8less)
- styling cream (we used Rusk Wired)
- bobby pins

*Before you begin, work some Rusk Wired into your hands. It will slowly add product to your hair as you style it which will make managing your hair and pinning it up a little easier.

1. Start with a deep side part and separate the hair in front of your ears on the side that you want to go over one eye. Twist it going up and away from your face. Make sure to use a mirror so you can see what's most flattering on you.

2. Slowly add hair to your twist, moving around your head until you reach the back of your other ear. All of your hair should be up in the twist - if it isn't, just add it to the twist. Put two or three bobby pins in the twist to anchor your chignon behind your ear.

3. Once it's anchored, keep twisting your hair in the same direction and fold it over the top of itself. Pin and work your way back over to where you started your twist until you run out of hair.
*You should have two rows of twists in the back.

4. Hide the ends by tucking them into the twist and pinning them into place with bobby pins. Pull a few pieces out around your face for a softer look.

Illustrations by Samantha Hahn
Thank you to Rusk and Babyliss Pro for providing products and tools