Cut It :: Lula Bob / by rubi

I spotted this beautiful haircut in an editorial inside Lula issue 15. It made Becca and I both forget about growing our hair out and want to cut it like this (for a good few minutes at least). If anybody is looking for a new short hairstyle and has these hair types then oh please cut it like this!

Some of you readers may fall under the "fine hair strands but a lot of it" category. Just to clarify, that means that when you look at an individual hair strand it is fine but you think you have thick hair because there is a lot of it. This cut is perfect for you! Espeically because sometimes when that type of hair is cut, a slight wave comes about which would be enhanced in the right way with this look.

Dorothea Barth Jorgensen by Annemarieke van Drimmelen for Lula issue #15 

graphics designed by Becca Clason for She Lets Her Hair Down