Video Tutorial :: Braids and Bun / by rubi

This hair tutorial involves a couple of braids and a twisted bun - not too complicated, but definitely worthy of a night out. Lumineux films shot it at Koo de Ker - a great little shop in Salt Lake City that hosted my pop-up salon earlier this year. Watch the film and see the written steps below.
Here's what you need:
- hair spray (I used L'Oreal Infinium) 
- large hair pins
- small hair pins

1. French braid two sections of hair until just behind your ear. Braid the hair until you reach the tipity tips of your hair. This will make it easier to pin the braids in place later.

2. Put an elastic or a bobby pin at the end of each braid and pull the braids apart a little with your fingers.

3. Hairspray the rest of your hair to give it a workable texture (this makes it more moldable). You'll be able to pin into it easier, and it will stay in place while not looking stiff.

4. Split the rest of your hair in half and twist both sections going away from each other.

5. Cross the twists going under, continue twisting and then cross them again but this time going over the chignon.

6. Use a couple of large hair pins to secure the chignon in place. I usually do one at the top and one at the bottom.

7. Use smaller hair pins to incorporate the braids into the bun and to tuck any stragglers into place.

8. Finish it off with a little bit of hairspray and you're all set!