Girl Talk / by rubi

I realize this post isn't about hair but it's something that is really important to me and it is all about celebraitng women which is a huge part of being a hairstylist.

I just launched a start-up with my friends called The Period Store. It's a place where women can shop online for feminine hygiene products and have them delivered to their door (along with chocolate and art) before their period arrives.

We have been dreaming about this shop for over a year envisioning puppies and kittens delivering sea sponge tampons with chocolate every month. At first we only seemed to work on the project on a certain week out of the month but are so thrilled to finally launch it.

A big part of The Period Store is not only making periods a little easier for women but also to have an open, educated dialogue about womanhood. We are making a series of videos interviewing women about their periods and having some good ol' fashioned girl talk over on our blog. I hope you like the video above, there are more to come and let me know what you think of the site!