Greta Gerwig Hair / by rubi

Have you seen Frances Ha yet? If not, you must go watch it before it isn't in theaters anymore. I fell in love with Greta Gerwig after watching it. Her character is so real, awkward, and relatable, especially for anyone who has lived in NYC in their 20s. She said in an interview for Rookie Mag, "I think that probably around [the age of] 27 is the first time you get the sense that you’re living life alone." And while I find most movies that touch on that theme a bit depressing, this one was very different.

So, here's to Greta Gerwig and her smart, talented, and beautiful self. Check her out in this campaign for Band of Outsiders. I love that their campaigns are always shot with Polaroid cameras.

You can easily do your hair like hers too. Here's what I would do:

1. Curl your hair using a 1 1/2" iron.
2. Apply sea salt spray all over your curls.
3. Jump around and mess it up!

images via Band of Outsiders